Matthew D. DiBrino

CEO & Co-Founder

Matthew D. DiBrino recently received his Mortgage Broker and Loan Originator’s License, however his 13 years as a practicing Real Estate Attorney, gives him a background that is unmatched in this industry. Having been on both the seller’s side and purchaser’s sides of real estate transactions for over 13 years, rarely a situation arises in which Matthew has not dealt with. His ability to take sometimes confusing documents and terms and explain them to clients in their simplest form, has proven to be an extreme comfort to High Quality Mortgage clients. As owner of his private law practice for the past 10 years, Matthew excels in personalized customer service and his strong attention to detail as well as his detailed knowledge of the recent changes in the Banking Industry Laws and practices. Matthew has dedicated his free time to youth athletics, coaching both Basketball and Football in hometown of Woodland Park.